NIGRIN presents new generation of windscreen wipers

Better wiping power and sporty looks in OEM quality - the new NIGRIN Evolution windscreen wipers are an absolute must-have this autumn

Landau, 24 September 2007 - They are the latest trend when it comes to automotive accessories: flat bar wipers. The new generation of windscreen wipers is clearly superior to its predecessors, but until now has been reserved for owners of new cars. Yet now, owners of vehicles with conventional windscreen wipers can also upgrade to the new technology. Evolution is the name of the new windscreen wipers from NIGRIN. Optimal wiping power, improved winter performance and sporty looks ensure that NIGRIN Evolution flat bar wipers provide greater convenience and safety when driving through dreary autumn weather. And the universal adaptor makes fitting the new model of wiper child's play.

Germany's motorists are changing over to flat bar wipers: last year, 7 million vehicles (15 percent) were already equipped with flat bar wipers - mainly new cars, as the technology has hardly been available for conventional windscreen wipers until now.
The picture is similar in other European countries.

With their new Evolution windscreen wipers, NIGRIN is now able to provide a retrofit option for flat bar wipers - the benefits are clear to see: the more even pressure spreads the wiping power over the entire length of the wiper arm, resulting in a particularly good wiping performance. In addition, the improved adaptation to windscreens ensures better aerodynamics and reduced wind noise. Flat bar wipers prove to be particularly advantageous in winter because, unlike with conventional windscreen wipers, they remain flexible at temperatures below zero.

"NIGRIN Evolution windscreen wipers are manufactured by one of the leading European producers of windscreen wipers," says Daniel Dietrich, product manager at NIGRIN. "This allows us to offer our customers flat bar wipers in OEM quality at an attractive price," Dietrich goes on to say.

Anyone wanting to change from standard wiper technology to the new flat bar wipers is spared the trouble of looking for the right model thanks to NIGRIN Evolution. A special universal adaptor ensures that the majority of all vehicles can be refitted with only eight different types of wiper. The NIGRIN Evolution flat bar wipers are available from hardware shops, DIY stores and superstores as well as the car parts retail trade at prices from 12.95 €.

By the way: anyone involved in an accident with a defective wiper may be adjudged to be jointly responsible. Moreover, driving with unroadworthy windscreen wipers can incur a fine of up to 20 Euro (according to the appendix for the catalogue of fines, Point 5a).

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With its 111-year history, NIGRIN is one of Germany's oldest brands. Its well-known trade mark has been the chimney sweep since 1896. The shoe and household products brand, which formerly belonged to the Carl Gentner factory in Göppingen, has stood for high quality car care since 1963. With 337 products in 11 categories, NIGRIN offers solutions for all types of car maintenance work. Since 1973, Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH in Landau / Rheinland Palatinate has held all production rights, formulas and protect trade marks associated with NIGRIN products. Since that time, Inter-Union has been responsible for quality assurance and the sales of NIGRIN products. NIGRIN is the only supplier to offer a full range and the leading brand in the vehicle care sector in building centres and DIY stores as well as superstores and discount stores (according to analysis by GfK f. 2005).
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