Intertec implements marketing and logistical concepts for DIY product lines in Europe. Taking advantage of this system service, trading partners and manufacturers can distinguish themselves in their markets.



Innovative solutions at the interface between manufacturer and trade

Intertec GmbH, headquartered in Landau/Pfalz, is a leading supplier of DIY product lines. Based on uniform standards, DIY product lines are marketed by four subsidiaries and distribution partners in the most important European countries.

Key data 


Sales, employees, key data

In 2009, with 850 employees, Intertec generated annual sales of over € 200 million in Europe. 7,000 outlets in Europe were supplied with more than 8,000 products from diversified product lines.



A tight location network in Europe

Intertec specializes in delivering DIY product lines everywhere where our trading partners are active with the same precision and safety. Purchasing for the group is done on worldwide acquisition markets.



All major dates starting with the founding of the company until today

Inter-Union focuses on the sale of car accessories and car maintenance since the company was founded by Werner Saipt in Landau. The Intertec-Group was established after companies in neighboring countries were acquired and sales and service companies were founded at the Landau location.